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Mariko McDonald

Writer, editor & translator

Pop culture journalist specializing in games with an emphasis on independent games & developers

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The Cheapskate Guide to Montreal

Hi, my name’s Mariko and I normally blog about video games and nerd culture over at I moved to Montreal from the west coast eight years ago and it’s been true love ever since. Yes, I did have to get used to having different wardrobes for each season, and speaking French definitely makes life easier. That said, Montreal is a great mix of Europe and North America that has a little something for everyone.

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Why Game Jams Matter -

Game jams like GAMERella bring diversity and innovation to game development--and lead to better games...

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Paloma Dawkins Is Helping Keep Games Weird -

Animator-turned-game dev Paloma Dawkins keeps games weird with her dreamy visuals and shifting perspectives....

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Sex & Consent & Video Games -

Most games treat romance as a reward, but some indie games about sexual consent are exploring new ways to treat sex and love in video games....

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Age Is No Barrier for YouTube Gamer Grandma Shirley Curry -

The 79-year-old gamer and grandmother from Virginia has amassed a following of over 100,000 subscribers and 2 million views in a little more than 6 months...

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Victoria Prentice on How to Build a Career in Sound Design for Video Games -

The Studio Manager of OMUK, a premiere voice recording studio working with the video game industry, talks about building a career in sound design for games...

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Of Potions and Unicorns: An Interview with Stumbling Cat CEO Renee Gittins -

Gittins, who co-founded her own independent studio Stumbling Cat Games, talks about her career, indie game dev, and women in game development...

Female Friendly Video Game Websites - Gamerwife

Female Friendly Video Game Websites - Gamerwife

Free Tools for Freelancers - Gamerwife

Free Tools for Freelancers - Gamerwife

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Jade Raymond and Amy Hennig on Managing Creativity and Building a Studio -

Games industry veterans Jade Raymond and Amy Hennig sat down to discuss creativity and studio culture during the Montreal International Games Summit 2015...



Video Games for Comic Lovers

Now, while there have been plenty of video games that have featured comic book characters, I think it’s fair to say that most of them weren’t particularly successful in capturing what we love about comic books (Superman 64 anyone?). Comics are about compelling characters and cliffhanger endings, not trying to fly through hoops for hours. And to that end, I would say that one video game developer has nailed the market on games for comic lovers: Telltale Games.

Meeting in the Middle: How To Play With Someone Who Sucks at Video Games

Meeting in the Middle: How To Play With Som...

5 Self Care Apps Tested - Gamerwife

5 Self Care Apps Tested - Gamerwife

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Voice-Over Actor Laurence Bouvard on Letting Passion Push Your Career -

Best known as the voice of Joanna Dark in Perfect Dark, Bouvard is also an aspiring game developer with an impressive education....